Why Has Australia Gone Mad Over Toilet Paper?

Should the individuals fight over toilet paper in the grocery store book an appointment with a Voxen psychologist instead? Maybe.

There is something about the COVID-19 that has however taken the world by storm. It may be the fast initial spread, the amount of misinformation about it, the quantity of people communicating through social media, how one post about toilet paper made the whole country go crazy, or that every media outlet seems to be reporting different statistics. IF you do want to see the most recent news from government Australia, check it out here. Somehow a combination of all of this has caused the world, but somehow Australian’s to lose their minds about buying toilet paper. 

There may be several reasons for this.

  1. That One Article

    An article came out in early February, claiming that due to facemasks and toilet paper being made from the same raw material. Japan would quickly run out of toilet paper, especially since they will not be able to import toilet paper rolls from china. The employee who published this false information and caused the mass hoarding outbreak is now facing ‘stringent disciplinary measures’

  2. The Feeling of Control

    In the face of uncertainty and fear, humans strive towards regaining some form of control in their lives. Shopping has long since been referred to as ‘retail therapy’, as there you can make decisions and dictate the way their day is going to pan out. Research has shown that sad customers buy more. The COVID-19 virus has people scared and unsure, therefore buying staples such as toilet paper aids them in regain some form of normalcy. It gives them the power they are doing something productive, and things are going to be ok. Especially for many people who are experiencing country wide shutdowns for extended periods of time.

    If you are feeling afraid or uncertain, are suffering from anxiety attacks or have trouble sleeping, consider contacting a psychologist or counsellor in your local area to set up a meeting. Speaking with a licensed professional can help you work through problems healthily. And free of toilet paper.

  3. Mob Mentality and Social Media

    It has reached the point that when that first wave of extremists rushed into the supermarkets to buy up all the loo roll the news spread across Australia faster than the bushfires. This caused relatively rational thinkers to wonder whether they missed a memo and rush in to buy toilet paper. That wave caused the rational thinking people the fear that toilet paper would run out and that they would have to get some. Then the fourth wave was the people who feared that the first wave of people was spreading and that everyone was buying toilet paper, and none would be left, so they had to get some.

So what can we conclude from this?  Supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles have now put limits on the amount of toilet paper packets individuals can buy, and the whole world is once again confused by what’s going on in the land down under. Maybe people should consider spending their energy going to a counsellor or psychologist to learn how to deal with anxiety and fear in a healthy way, rather than starting the loo roll depletion of 2020.