What is the cost of marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling is something than many, if not all couples can benefit from. It is an opportunity to reset, reconnect, and begin communicating together as a team. Especially if you have gone through big life changes recently, such as a new child, death of a loved one, moving homes, or job insecurity, marriage counselling sessions can help ease the transition. Many people worry that the cost of marriage counselling is too high. Whether this is the cost of pride and feeling like you have failed, or the monetary cost. In this blog, we will talk about the real cost of marriage counselling.

What is the emotional cost of counselling?

While the stigma of receiving professional help form a licensed counsel or has deceased, many people still struggle to take that first step to set up an appointment. Ringing your local counsel or psychologist to organise an appointment is not a failure. It is a victory for your marriage. It shows that you have the strength and dedication to accept and admit that you are facing challenges. That you have put your pride aside to reprioritise each other and find solutions to strengthen and benefit your relationship.

What is the financial cost of marriage counselling?

The cost of marriage counselling is certainly worth it if you and your partner go in ready and dedicated to make necessary changes. The precise price point, however, will vary. The monetary cost of your counselling appointment will depend on the length of your session, the clinician you choose and the form of client access. To benefit from the full effects of counselling, you will also need to return to your counselling sessions regularly over a period of several months. The best way to find out the cost, is to first find a counsellor that meets your needs and requirements. It is also vital that you feel comfortable with this person, so once you feel you have met a counsellor both of you click with, you can discuss precise appointment lengths and plans for your relationship.

How to find out what counselling you need?

On this website, we have several blogs discussing the various times in your relationship that you may need to attend marriage counselling sessions. Make sure to check out the blogs to see the most common times to set up a counselling session. You can also check out what type of techniques you may encounter during your counselling sessions. Or learn about NDIS marriage counselling support. We also have an interesting article about whether marriage counselling works. 

What is the costliest part of marriage counselling?

If you are reading this, that is your first sign that you are willing to invest the time, energy, and money to bettering your relationship. From those costs, the priciest will be the personal growth and reflection. Frequently, especially when dealing with couples counselling, the counselling sessions will take a deep dive into your behaviour and subconscious triggers. This may be the most difficult part. However, if you want to work through your rough patch and to thrive as a couple, ample self-reflection will be required. After all, the best version of you will invite the best version of them.