The commitment, communication, and love in Couples Therapy 

A successful relationship takes time and effort. Whether you are in the first year of marriage, or have celebrated several anniversaries, your relationship will grow and develop as you age. Commitment, communication, and love are the three pillars of a happy relationship. While some days these three parts may come easy, life has a way of throwing difficult situations at you. If you have ever felt yourself struggling to communicate with your partner or feel like you have lost some of that spark, couples therapy can help. Dealing with another human being is difficult. You need to recognize there is no shame at all to take the step to ask for professional help. Couple’s therapy can help bring you back onto the path of commitment, communication, and love.

When should you go to couples therapy?

Most people assume that couples therapy is reserved for the destructive end of a relationship. That couples only go to seek professional help after a cheating scandal or similar breach of the marriage contract. However, couples therapy can be helpful for people in a variety of stages in their relationship. If you are planning to get married, it may be a good idea to book in a couple’s therapy session. This will allow you to speak openly in a neutral environment with a psychological professional about your individual lives joining and the expectations of your future.

Couple’s counselling when you start a family

Consequently, if you are ever considering having a child, or going through pregnancy. Couple’s therapy can help you prepare for this enormous change in your life and provide you with tools to better parent together. Sometimes, a death or similarly tragic occurrence in the family may cause one party in the relationship to struggle in their personal lives. Couple’s therapy can help provide the other partner ways to help cope and support the relationship during a difficult time. Lastly, if there has been cheating in the relationship, couples therapy can be one of the best ways to work through the pain and anger.

How much does couples counselling cost?

Couples therapy costs depend greatly on the part of the world you are living in. Some sessions may be covered by your private insurance or Medicare plans. If you are unsure, consult with your local councillor to find out their hourly rates and payback schemes.

What is the success rate of couples’ therapy?

The success rate varies depending on the commitment of both parties for the sessions to be a success. If both parties are dedicated to working, then Marriage and Family Therapists report an overall success rate as high as 70-98%.The success of couples therapy and other factors have found decreasing divorce rates. Counselling can certainly save and strengthen a marriage.

Do marriage counsellors recommend divorce?

Couple counselling sessions are designed to enable better communication between the people in the couple. Even if a couple is unhappy in their marriage, a couple’s counsellor will not intervene and provide solutions. Instead, they will guide the individuals to make their own decisions through self-reflection.

Do you want to improve your relationship?

If you want to learn to communicate better and strengthen your commitment, then making a counselling appointment with your significant other can be a good idea. Couple’s therapy can benefit everyone and improve your understanding of each other and create a brighter future. Chat with your counsellor today about the techniques and processes they will work with you to help improve your relationship.