Relationship Counselling

Once a year we head over to get our car serviced, every couple of months we stock take our wardrobes and retire old clothing, ever few weeks or so we treat ourselves to a beauty treatment, while every day we go through a routine to keep our bodies healthy. Why is it, that in almost every aspect of our life we realise that components require regular upkeep and care to continue functioning optimally? However, when it comes to relationships, we somehow expect it to be smooth sailing.

Studies have shown, that relationship counselling highly depends on the individual characteristics of the couple, mental health conditions, and more, overall results are extremely varied.

Relationships are not always easy

Relationships are one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. This is because two people with complex back stories, triggers, histories, baggage, reactions, preferences, habits, and upbringings are suddenly intertwined and expected to get along swimmingly. Each relationship is unique, and a look at relationship statistics in Australia shows how diverse couples are, from age range, religion, lengths of relationships, and divorces. Whether it is the propaganda so

A successful relationship requires work

Just like the other aspects in your life, to foster and grow a successful and happy relationship, it required work and effort by both parties. In the times when it seems too much, talking to a licensed professional can be a fantastic, neutral environment, in which to go through problems and improve communication.

What would a couples counselling session look like?

Whether it is daily stressors, or a big change that occurred in your life such as the death of a family member, birth of a child, substance abuse, anger management, depression, or infidelity, a couple’s counsellor will focus on finding the best solution for both parties. A therapist will work with both of you to find what makes your relationship strong and help rediscover why you were attracted to each other in the first place. Then, will help open communication to aid the two parties express what they need and want from each other. This will help give light to what everyone contributes to the relationship and help identify areas of growth to make the relationship work.

Strengthening communication and removing blame

Rather than pointing fingers and assigning blame, a counsellor will be able to steer the conversation towards healthy communication and aid the couple to establish what sort of relationship they wish to have from now on. If there are children affected by the relationship instability, Voxen Gold Coast Counselling also offers sessions for children and adolescents.

What will your relationship look like?

Counselling is not only designed for couples who are dedicated to staying together. Visiting a therapist can also help set healthy boundaries during divorce, help negotiate acceptable situations for dependents and children, and gain understanding on how to support each other in difficult times.



Katherine is a true professional in her line of work - she is caring, understanding, non-judgemental, provides great tools to help you deal with & understand ones self & others around you. Her services have been invaluable to me & my family. Highly recommended.

Karla Louise

Katherine's friendly approach helped me take responsibility for my life and relationships. The tools she gave me were invaluable. My life has improved and so have my relationships with family, friends and my partner.

Jen Bliss

I recently went to voxen to help me with direction and purpose in my life after a couple of soul shattering events. I can honestly say I feel like I now have a new positive outlook on life and feel like I can move forward.

James Towe