Will Quarantine Bring You to Relationship counselling?

Going into quarantine is a whole never level in your relationship. Whether you both work full time or one of you stays at home, suddenly you have all day together in a small space. This may be the first time you have seen your spouse in work mode. Or see each other every day without outside stimulation. Children or no children, this unusual and unexpected situation can put strain on any relationship. For this reason, here are five tips on how to use this time to strengthen your relationship.

  1. Set Time Aside to Discuss the Situation
    The stress and anxiety about what is going on in the world around us is palpable. Whether you are experiencing disrupted sleep schedules or feelings of anxiety. Maybe you feel a little lost and unsure. Use this time to communicate with your partner. Share what is troubling you. Is it a financial concern? Is it the possibility of one of you becoming sick? Be accepting and open to your partners fears and use this time to truly hear each other out. If you do struggle with communication, relationship counselling can help provide you with tools to strengthen interactions. Even if you are in isolation, over the phone or video counselling is possible.
  2. Focus on Gratitude
    While everything may be uncertain, it is important to keep a positive lens on this situation. Be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your family. Celebrate your current health and safety of your partner. Be thankful of the simple little things. Take time to share what you appreciate and admire about each other.
  3. Give Yourself Alone Time
    An apartment may seem quite small, but there are still nooks and crannies where you will be able to find peace and solitude. Discuss this in advance with your partner and carve out some time for yourself. Take this quarantine as the perfect opportunity to delve into activities you have been pushing aside. Pick up your favourite book, lose yourself in music, take up meditations, attempt new recipes, or simply have a nap.
  4. Discover New Activities
    Considering we are not allowed to leave the home apart from essential activities, see if you and your partner can find some new ways to pass the time in your home. You can revisit some of your past favourite traditions or find new ones. Why not try building puzzles, listening to podcasts, at homework outs, painting, learning a language, or baking a delicious dessert?
  5. Find Peace in the Chaos
    Now that most of us have found ourselves with a lot more time confined to your home, why not use this to your advantage? Use this freedom to explore your relationship with your partner and expand your sensual connection. Whether it is bringing out romance with candles, preparing a warm bubble bath, or an essential oil massage. Turn off the WIFI and phones and sink into the relationship, away from distractions.

See this isolation time as the perfect opportunity to reconnect, and if not, use it to write down any issues you may be facing. Coming into relationship counselling with a clear goal can help to work through issues.