Mental Health in Modern Society and Psychologist’s

From the way Hollywood portrays it, it almost seems that everyone has a psychologist on their speed dial. While this shows the enormous strides that society has made towards normalising treatment for mental illness, it does not mean that everyone is equally at ease to visit their local psychologist. Have you recently seen your psychologist?

There remains a significant amount of societal stigma about getting professional help for mental health disorders, which you can read more about here.

Has the increased amount of understanding of mental health disorders allowed individuals who were previously suffering in silence to come forward? Or are there now more cases of mental health than previously?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

If we look at Maslow’s Hierchary of needs, we can see why in many lesser developed countries the happiness index remains quite high despite poor living conditions and daily difficult conditions. While the top ten happiest countries can be expected (Australia coming in at number 10) Frequently along with happiness a disproportionate number of individuals in those countries suffering from anxiety, depression, anger management and more. That is including the fact that a WHO study showed only half of the cases of anxiety disorders have been recognized, and only one third of affected patients receive drug treatment.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions and are finding it hard to continue with your day to day life, please consider booking yourself an appointment with a licensed psychologist on the Gold Coast.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us, that as human’s the first and most urgent needs we experience are our physiological needs, this means food and water. Once we have achieved those, our concerns switch to safety, our home, and, stability. After that they evolve into being more complex, relationships and the sense of belonging. Right before the peak of the pyramid we have our esteem. Once we have attained all of those, we are left with potentially the most difficult need to meet. The need for self-actualization. 

What does self-actualization mean?

Self-actualization touches upon a human’s realisation or fulfilment of their patents and potentialities. It means achieving what you believe you are fully capable of and reaching your full potential. If you do not meet this, the feelings can frequently turn in on themselves and manifest in the forms of anxieties and depressions.

One of the reasons we are seemingly seeing more people suffering from mental health issues in the modern world, is partially because they have the luxury to when you look at our psychology from Maslow’s perspectives. Other indicators show the lack of sleep, stress, bigger focus on goals, less community ties.

Now that we no longer must fight for food and water, we must fight to fulfill our hearts desires. This is something that is intrinsically more difficult and trickier. We have higher expectations, ones that we might not be meeting. Particularly with the addition of social media and societal pressures, it’s increasingly more difficult to stop judging yourself in comparison to your peers. So much of what we see online is people showcasing their best lives, and our own self actualisation can be triggered to feel as if we have failed.

Of course, mental health issues can come from wide variety of reasons. Including trauma, chemical imbalances, and outside factors, and it is important to remember you are not alone.