How Voxen a Psychologist Can Help Children with Psychological Disability

While the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Exists to help sufferers of psychological disability in many forms, one of the main goals of counselling is to provide emotional support and guidance to help an individual with disability.

What does the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support?

The scheme is designed to help people, children, and families who are permanent or significant suffers of psychological disability. It aims to aid people to live a healthy and integrated life in their community. If you wish to read more about the NDIS, make sure to check out our other blog posts.

Recovery Plans

Once you have been diagnosed with a psychological disability, and received NDIS status, you will begin working towards creating a plan for your disability. Whether this plan is self-managed, or agent managed, you will greatly benefit from receiving regular help from a qualified counsellor.

Counselling is a key part of support for someone suffering from a psychological disability. Once you have been accessed and approved for the scheme, you can receive this vital support to aid you live a better life.

What does counselling for psychological disabilities look like?

Attending a regular counselling session can have a wide range of benefits for sufferers of psychological disabilities. Here on the Gold Coast, both parents, adults, and children can book a session to better tackle any issues they are faced with. Counselling sessions can help work with you to improve general self-care, safety, coping mechanisms, and self-awareness. The primary approach here is to provide emotional support along with clear, timeline-goal based support therapy. This will keep you working towards your goals, along with having a safe place to discuss difficulties.

Counselling Therapies to support children and parents

The NDIS funds specific supports to counteract the impact of a child’s psychological disability. The scheme covers management strategies offered in counselling sessions along with physical modifications to the home or vehicle to aid in living situations. It ensures both parent and child receive the physical and emotional support they need. As the parent or family member of someone suffering from psychological disability, it is important to take care of your own mental health as well.

The Role of Emotional Support

Emotional support is one of the key aspects of support for families and sufferers of psychological disabilities. Having someone in your family suffering from a psychological disability can cause anxiety, or depression. Counselling at Voxen specialises in child psychologists to  aid your child in their day to day. It can also be an invaluable part of helping parents better manage their child’s disability and learn how to provide in home support.

Children Suffering from Psychological Disability

In addition to regular emotional support for children, counselling on the Gold Coast also focuses on providing guidance, sculpting, and educational assessment. Adjustments and modifications to the existing curriculum may be required to allow you child to maximise their education. During the counselling sessions, your psychologist can aid in modifying the educational assessments to create supportive learning specifically designed for your child.