Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should attend the first appointment?

The person who has scheduled the appointment or if a minor the parent must bring the child.

Do I need a referral?

Not required.

How often will I have sessions?

Each case is individual and personal. It can be weekly, fortnightly or whatever the Counsellor and client agree is required to reach the clients outcomes.

I don’t want to talk to a stranger about all my personal problems.

A Counsellor is a caring, non biased nor judgemental and neutral listener and is concerned with supporting the individual in their issue.

Counselling costs too much.

Discuss with our team your financial situation.

What if I feel worse. OR It won’t help anyway.

With everything in life the hard stuff can be difficult to face and walk through, with the right support through counselling we help you move through this heavy stuff.

I don’t have the time.

Like anything we care about in life, we need to take the time to nurture, love and accept ourselves when we need help and this means making time for us.

What should I look for in a therapist?

Many therapists come with various experiences and skills, look for a Counsellor who is skilled in the area you are needing support. Someone you feel comfortable and safe in talking too.