Experiencing Anxiety about the COVID-19?

Our Gold Coast local counselling can help you if you are experiencing any anxiety, stress, or uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Everywhere you look, there are continuous updates about how the world is responding to the pandemic. In history viruses, and how little we know about their origin and treatment has frequently shown in society’s consciousness. Seemingly, whether you are living in Europe, or are relaxing on the beach on the Gold Coast, this will impact you. The most recent factsheet about the virus from the Australia Health Department, can be found here.

If you wish to keep updated with Australia specific COVID-19 news, click here.

In Australia, workers have been directed to minimise the spread and the risks of the virus by taking precautions in every day lives. Protocols have been put in place to protect workers and minimise disruption. However, when you go into a supermarket and see every piece of toilet paper sold out, the staff letting people know the limits of purchasing hand sanitiser, and fellow shoppers wearing masks fear somehow overtakes rationale.

Fear frequently comes due to the imagination of consequences in the face of the unknown, and the COVID-19 virus certain fulfils those criteria. That is why Australia has taken the publics reaction seriously and implemented new workplace policies to restrict staff travel and meetings of large groups. They have also organised for counsellors to be available and ready to help individuals in any way that are needed. 

If you are experiencing anxiety, fear, or disruptions to your everyday life due to the unique and unknown situation unfolding before us you are not alone. Until we have clarity, a vaccine, or additional knowledge, people will be experiencing this fear. Whether it is for your health, the health of your family, being cut off from other places in the world, travel bans, or stresses on your job. Counsellors are available to talk all these things through and find ways that you can cope with the situation. If you are local, look no further than your professional counsellors on the Gold Coast.

The impacts of the virus on a large scale are yet unknown, and that unknown can be confronting. If you work in the tourism industry the flight bans can be seriously impacting your livelihoods, if you live with a weakened immune system, or suffer from diabetes you may be fearing for additional impacts. The WHO has released information on how to keep colleagues safe in the face of travel. The stock market has crashed at faster rates than have been seen since 2008. Whatever you are doing right now, chances are that this virus will have some form of disruptive outcome on your life.

The best things we can do right now, is to remain calm and rational and support our local communities. If you are feeling overwhelmed do not hesitate to talk to someone. A licensed professional will be able to walk through the process with you and distinguish fears from rational judgement and planning.

Your children may however need additional support if:

  • Your child feels more anxious than other children of a similar age
  • Anxiety stops your child from participating in normal activities
  • Anxiety interferes with school or social get togethers
How can anxiety impact your children’s life?

The impacts of anxiety can affect how your child thinks and acts in given situations. When the anxiety is not yet severe children will attempt to manage distressing situations by themselves. This may include reaching out to you, avoiding stressful situations, or similar. Unfortunately, if anxiety does get more severe then it can impact your child physically. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety include diarrhoea, stomach aches, headaches, and sleepiness. 

Types of Anxiety your children can experienced

There is a range of anxieties that can affect primary school aged children. Some of the most common ones include Phobia, Social Phobias, Generalised anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and separation anxiety disorder. Check out some of the more information about these stress disorders.

What causes anxiety in children?

There are several aspects within a child’s life that can cause anxiety disorders to develop. 

  • Genetics. These play a significant role as children who have family members that suffer from anxiety disorders are more likely to suffer from one too.
  • Brain Chemistry. Genes dictate the way brain chemicals, neurotransmitters, work. If certain brain chemicals are in short supply or performing subpar, this can cause your child to experience anxiety.
  • Life situations. Stressful life situations are one of the biggest contributing factors and catalysts to anxiety disorders. This can include the loss or death of someone close, violence, abuse, or significant changes.