Divorce counselling for children

While many parents decide to stay together for the sake of their children, sometimes that environment can prove to be even more toxic than an amicable divorce. Unfortunately, with tensions running high and the stresses associated with breaking down a marriage, divorce can be a difficult time for all the parties. Relationship counselling is advisable for couples to aid them transition, especially when it comes to keeping a health relationship for the sake of the children.

The impact of divorce on children

Even at the best of times, such a drastic change in living situations can cause distress in children. It is quite common for children of divorce to experience some of the following feelings:

  • Rejection or fear of abandonment
  • Guilt as they believe they contributed to the split
  • Anger at themselves, the world, and parents
  • Confusion about who’s side to pick
  • Uncertainty in their home situation and future

There are ample resources available to help children during this transitional period, whether the child is at a young age or older and capable of understanding what is happening. Either way, a neutral space for the child to speak their mind and feel heard by both their parents can prove to be beneficial. Consider booking in a session separately, together, or for your child by themselves to receive the best counselling and support possible to ease this difficult time.

Effects of divorce on different aged children

If you are curious about the various effects of divorce on children of different ages, consider checking out this coping guide written by parents. This can help you understand how to best breach the topic of divorce with your child in an appropriate manner and get you started on fostering a healthy conversation and environment. Your attitude towards your ex-partner and the divorce will significantly dictate how your child experiences the transition. The first year will be the toughest, but consistency, regular discipline, peaceful co-parenting, and an open conversation is the best thing you can do.

When do book a counselling appointment for your child?

Booking a counselling appointment at the beginning to aid in the transition can help set up a healthy process. Your child may require additional support to deal with the shock of change and may quickly adapt. However, if you feel the divorce has begun to impact other aspects of your child’s life : such as their relationships, behaviour in school, or overall temperament, it may be a good ideal to schedule regular appointments to help add consistency in their new life.