You are worthy.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

Our Services

Anger Management

Anger is a very raw emotion and can be controlled if you decide you are ready to work on yourself.

Children & Adolescent

It is important for children and adolescent to understand how to deal with their feelings.

Grief & Loss

Don't be alone in your processing. Talk to someone who knows the journey and emotions that flare during this time.


General Counselling covers all areas of counselling that maybe specific to an individuals needs, concerns or issues and is not listed.


Trauma is a result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one's ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved.


To be a parent means you are a leader, a guide, a teacher, a doctor, a psychologist, a mentor, inspiring, a...

Relationship & Couples

When you are a couple and issues arise because we are all very different people, it can be challenging.

Anxiety & Depression

Talk to someone who can help to identify the reasons and from there guide you to a better way.

We accept NDIS clients

I take NDIS clients with self-managed and plan managed funding. I can set up video sessions for these clients if they are unable to physically come to my office. National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to Australians with disability and their families to improve their life. Sometimes some people need mental support and that’s where I come in.

Helping People Grow.

Are you seeking assistance with a challenge or opportunity?

Katherine is a true professional in her line of work - she is caring, understanding, non-judgemental, provides great tools to help you deal with & understand ones self & others around you. Her services have been invaluable to me & my family. Highly recommended.

Karla Louise

Katherine's friendly approach helped me take responsibility for my life and relationships. The tools she gave me were invaluable. My life has improved and so have my relationships with family, friends and my partner.

Jen Bliss

I recently went to voxen to help me with direction and purpose in my life after a couple of soul shattering events. I can honestly say I feel like I now have a new positive outlook on life and feel like I can move forward.

James Towe

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Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

At Voxen we believe that with the right support, people can move forward in their lives. Our psychological


has over 10 years experience providing therapy in a safe environment for:
  • Children & Adolescent Development
  • Relationship & Couples
  • Grief and Loss,
  • Trauma, Anxiety & Depression
  • Anger Management
  • and training you to build a strong and healthy mindset.
Dedicated, Warm and Empathetic

psychological psychotherapist and counsellor

on the

Gold Coast

A psychologist approach to mental health therapy’s.

As humans, we have an idea of who we are, and an idea of who we want to be!

For most people, these two ideas are not one and the same. We all have the potential to become the best version of ourselves and foster healthy relationships, but often find it difficult to do so because of specific narratives or reactions to external events.

These narratives aren't meant to destroy us.  In fact, most of them were meant to protect or warn us ⁠— to keep us from danger’s way. In order to become the person we want to be, it’s important for us to understand how these narratives came to be and how we can work with them.

Importance of having the Right

Psychotherapist on the Gold Coast

for your





You can better navigate your ship if you know how to sail through the waves.

At Voxen, we aim to guide you through embracing your story, and work with you, so you can live the life that you want.

If you’re living with anger management issues, anxiety, depression or trauma, therapy with a professional counsellor will allow you to understand more about these conditions and learn practical tools to manage the symptoms.

At Voxen, we encourage our clients on the Gold Coast to embrace their narrative and love themselves through it. We remind the client that they have control over their lives with the right tools and effort.

Our goal is to help people overcome personal and relationship issues through professional therapy and counselling. We want to help you understand how you can become the best version of yourselves for you and the people you love.




Counselling Services

on the

Gold Coast


There is no right or wrong way to navigate through life. We offer professional therapy and counselling services where we sit down with our client, and together, come up with strategies and goals specially crafted to help you become the person you want to be.

Headed by our

psychotherapist on the Gold Coast

, we help clients who have been diagnosed or exhibit signs of depression, anxiety disorders, anger management issues, relationship breakdown, communication difficulties or difficulty in overcoming trauma. We use various therapy models and educational content in counselling to help you understand these conditions better, and together come up with long term solutions in managing them.

We understand obstacles can come in many forms, and at various points in ones life. Our counselling services aim to assist clients who are seeking ways to improve their lives either in their relationships, their children, their friends, their work colleagues, their parents or their partners.

Voxen caters to anyone who is ready to make permanent changes or improvements in their lives. We provide support to

couples in counselling on the Gold Coast

and enable both partners to better communication skills in dealing with their relationship issues. We specialise in children psychology with over 20 years experience in understanding, educating, assessing behavioural patterns, Wisc assessment( educational level assessment), and growing healthy mindsets in children on the

Gold Coast and north NSW.

We create a safe space where everyone can feel free, secure and supported as they work towards understanding themselves. As our clients work on themselves, we work along with them towards the same goal.

Meet Katherine Nelson, A

Psychotherapist and Educator

on the

Gold Coast


With years of experience and knowledge, Katherine Nelson is the resident therapist at Voxen who provides professional

counselling services on the Gold Coast

. She specializes in providing psychotherapy for children, adults, couples and families, and aims to provide a personalised solution to each client’s concern.

She has made it her goal to provide a safe space where warmth, support and positivity is of primary importance. She ensures a space where each person is heard, considered and understood, and growth is the main goal.

Katherine holds on to the understanding that each person has a story that shapes the way they live. She works with each client’s personal story (narrative) and identify areas for growth or change in support of client’s goals.

What makes her

counselling services on the Gold Coast

effective is her ability to connect with the client’s truth and her experience and professionalism in the field of mental health. Katherine is committed to her client’s progress and working diligently to guide, enabling and empowering her client’s to overcome their personal struggles.

Marriage & Relationship Counselling

on the

Gold Coast

Marriage counselling in the Gold Coast

aims to help couples form a stronger bond and maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

In marriage counselling sessions, the couple will talk with the counsellor about their marital issues and together identify the obstacles. Once these are identified, the couple sets personal goals for their counselling sessions and the therapy commences. The Counsellor guides the couple with improved forms of communicating as they navigate through the relationship issues. The Counsellor uses various counselling tools to assist in the couples progress.

Issues within a marriage can come from different sources. Issues are highlighted from personal family systems. A person comes to a relationships with ideas and narratives from their family upbringing and can be conflicting in the marriage of two very different family systems.

Our counsellor helps the couple identify their family system and work towards a new family system. Aside from that, our

relationship counselling Gold Coast

services work with new couples who want to create healthy connections, communications and family systems.

Relationship counselling allows couples to understand their individual needs, figure out underlying issues and tendencies, and create a road map to a healthy, loving, respectful, and rewarding relationships.

Therapy and counselling are some of the best ways for us to embrace our story. It helps us understand why we do what we do, and why we react to things in the way that we do. It’s the best starting point for us in our journey towards self-growth self-actualisation.

It is true that it takes a lifetime for us to understand ourselves. But with the help from the right people, we can see our situation through different lens, and explore parts of ourselves that we would otherwise struggle to know. Change and growth are easier to do when we know how to do it. Luckily, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.